Who is Nicholas Perkins?

Photo of Nicholas I am a lead developer with experience managing diverse teams and working on large, multi-stakeholder projects. My background in data analytics, business process improvement and finance management help inform my approach to problem solving. I am driven by my desire to constantly improve the way that data is handled, processed and stored resulting in consitent, reliable and well designed data processing solutions.

I am forever learning through my natural curiosity and willingness to think outside of the square. I love to solve complex problems without relying on complex solutions. I love helping people understand complex concepts by breaking them down into easier to digest pieces, and can help bridge the gap between technical and business stakeholders. I am a big believer in the use of diagrams, particularly live on a whiteboard, to aid this process.

I currently work for a direct marketing agency helping to lead a transformation of their data and production processes. Our current stack involves developing in Python, integrating with off-the-shelf production software, while maintaining legacy VBScript systems. I'm also spending a lot of time in the AWS serverless world right now.

When not at a desk coding or writing up new ideas at a whiteboard, I am a volunteer motorsport official. You'll find me standing trackside whenever I can find the time. Alternatively I'll be found at home with my wife Natalie and doggo Miffy.

Oh, and you can call me Nick!